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Vegan for the animals, environment & people. Compassion = Veganism

Let’s continue to work towards being the voice for those who are voiceless!

Our Story

Megan and Kayla are 2 vegans inspiring young and old around the world that Veganism is the way of life. Vegan for the animals, environment & people. Compassion=Veganism

Megan's journey began back in 2014 when she was in New England at a seafood restaurant. At that time she was actually Pescatarian. That night things changed very quickly for her as she became more aware of the selfish acts she was witnessing inside of this seafood eatery.

As she looked around and she saw people gushing over how amazing their food was. She thought to herself why? Why are people so ecstatic over the food they are putting in their mouths?

The food that was once a life? Megan and her mom immediately looked at their own plate and said that’s it... No longer will we kill a living being to satisfy our own tastebuds. It was selfish! Especially when we knew there were so many other alternatives available that did not involve killing a living being.

We went home and started watching YouTube videos and watching documentaries and became completely disgusted with the way animals were being treated for the sake of human. We went vegan cold "turkey" and My Vegan Dreams was born. We built this brand in order to build more awareness and to hopefully inspire others to go vegan.